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"I feel great!!!" My back problems started in my first year of high school. Between carrying a ton of text books in my backpack and training for sports, my back was a mess.

Chiropractic really helped my mom with her headaches, neck pain and back pain. But she just wasn't too sure whether it would be "safe for kids."

One of my mom's friends had been taking her kids to a Chiropractor since birth. She noticed they were hardly ever sick and practically never went to a medical doctor.

So my mom got brave and took my brother and I to her Chiropractor. I didn't believe how much it relieved the knots and soreness in my back. I don't think I'll have my kids wait until they are 16 to start Chiropractic!

Joe D
Pompano Beach, FL

"I was able to avoid surgery!!"

After suffering for 6 weeks with unrelenting back pain and shooting pains into my right leg I was at the end of my rope and desperate. I had tried all kinds of pain medication and muscle relaxers that just upset my stomach and made me feel worse. My doctor suggested that I see an Orthopedic Surgeon and consider surgery. My next door neighbor stopped over to bring me some food and suggested that I see Dr. Slatkow and have a consultation to determine if he could help me with his Axial Spinal Decompression Equipment that is used for disc herniations and sciatica. When I told her that I was willing to try anything she called the office and made an appointment for a consultation which was at no charge.

After a thorough examination and review of my MRI Dr. Slatkow agreed to accept me a patient and said that I was a good candidate for this state of the art technology. I began to feel better even after only 4 visits and continued to improve over the next few weeks. I have since returned to work and I am pain free!! Amazing!!

Amanda W
Lighthouse Point, FL

Pompano Beach